Rubicon's Principles

The Rubicon Masonic Society is a Masonic interest group.

The members of the group are dedicated to the preservation of expressive fellowship as a means of transmitting wisdom, improving themselves, and the world around them.

The Society does not use or practice any part or parts of Masonic ritual. The Society does not use Masonic regalia, signs or titles. The Society has no initiatic process. The Society confers no degrees and does not represent itself as anything but a Masonic interest group for non-casual Masons who wish to meet from time to time, enjoy the conviviality of like-minded men and engage in discussion of topics regarding Freemasonry.

Being a Full Member of this group demands that Full Members remain actively engaged with their respective lodges in offering their time and services for the benefit of the Craft. Furthermore, members do not allow their membership in the group to substitute for or supplant their involvement in regular Freemasonry or any appendant body of which they may also be a member in a good standing.

Full Members of the Society focuses on what happens or has happened in Freemasonry and examines ways to better the Craft and fraternalism in general, as well as society at large. The group holds events or meetings and maintains forums where members along with guests and visitors, when appropriate, focus on our interests and activities outside the lodge to advance Masonic exhortations intended to further fraternal sentiment and support, love of learning and civic and spiritual responsibilities in our daily lives.

The Full Members of the group believe that Full Members should be able to create positive changes within his everyday as a Master Mason and that having to truly work, expend great effort and actually improve oneself is the only way to become deserving of this title. If properly observed, a Master Mason has an enhanced opportunity to grow into a better man and the bonds of virtue that tie together the brotherhood of humanity will have been strengthened.

A goal of the Society is the cementing of brotherhood in support of the inner transformation of each individual on the path toward self-mastery. The Society views the improvement of the individual as the most fundamental aspect of improving society.

The Full Members of the Society believe that being a Mason teaches duty and service. Full Members are expected to attend meetings, and if unable to do so, are required to inform a Full Member of the Society or the Secretary of the Society about their absence in advance. The Full Members of the Society believe active participation instills duty and is generally rewarding in and keeps all the members connected to the group, thus further affirming their presence is valued, which cultivates awareness of their self-worth and potential.

Full Members believe Society meetings should promote the understanding of Freemasonry. Full Members or invited visiting guests may present thoughtful and well-researched papers before the Society as a service to members and other invited guests and visitors. Suitable topics and papers discuss Masonic symbolism, history and philosophy, and focus on the spiritual path of self-transformation in the pursuit of virtue.

Full Members of the Society highly value the fellowship and friendship of such gatherings and fully subscribe to the principles of Freemasonry.

Full Members believe and practice keeping within the compasses and demonstrate through their comportment and at all times.

Full Members of the Society recognize and appreciate that each Mason advances at his own pace, but strongly encourages members to further their intellectual study and contemplation of what it means to be a Freemason.