DVD: The Masonic Table – The Art of Dining in Freemasonry


The Masonic Table – The Art of Dining in Freemasonry

A Documentary by BT Media Productions

Streaming Spring 2022


DIRECTOR: Brian T. Evans, Jr.

PRODUCERS: The Rubicon Masonic Society; Lexington Lodge No. 1 (KY); William O. Ware Lodge of Research (KY); The Masonic Restoration Foundation; Alba Lodge No. 222 (DC), John W. Bizzack; Andrew Hammer; Dan M. Kemble.

SPONSORS: Demoss Lodge No. 220 (KY); Good Faith Lodge No. 95 (KY); Gateway Lodge No. 109 (KY); Lexington Lodge No. 1 (KY); The Rubicon Masonic Society; Nova Caesarea-Harmony Lodge No. 2 (OH); Alba Lodge No. 222 (DC); Buechel Lodge No. 896 (KY); Western Hills-Cheviot Lodge No. 140 (OH); Robert M. Sirkle Lodge No. 954 (KY); Boone-Union Lodge No. 304 (KY); William O. Ware Lodge of Research (KY); St. Andrews Lodge No. 18 (KY); Ted Adams Lodge of Research (KY); Richmond Lodge No. 25 (KY); Orion Lodge No. 222 (KY); Thomas Devenney Lodge No. 929 (KY); The Bittersweet Foundation; BT Media Productions; Worshipful Brother William J. Lorenz; Brother Edwin Graves Taylor; Worshipful Brother Steven T. Lancaster; Worshipful Brother Jeriel Smith; Worshipful Brother Kevin G. Sell; Brother Gregory A. Hornsby, Jr.; Anonymous Brothers.

1st Assistant Director: Brent A. Turner

Videographer: Eric Seale

Steady Cam Videographer: Brian Oates

Sound Engineer: Tom Willis

Lighting Engineer: Tom Willis

Sound Assistant: David Rivera

Still Photographer: Brian Oates

Director’s Assistant: Jessica Clark

Form and Order by: John W. Bizzack; Andrew Hammer; Dan Kemble; Brian T. Evans Jr.

Screenplay by: Brian T. Evans Jr.


Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity for Men, organized in 1717. Historically, dining and Freemasonry have been inseparable, and the Masonic banquet was an essential part of any assemblage of brothers. This documentary demonstrates the pleasing elegance of fraternal bonding, as brothers near and far gather together outside of the Masonic lodge for a memorable dining event.

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