Transactions of The Rubicon Masonic Society: Volume I

The Rubicon Masonic Society presents the first volume of its Transactions.


The Rubicon Masonic Society presents the first volume of its Transactions. Eighteen men, almost all of whom are active or honorary members of The Rubicon Masonic Society, have committed to paper their thoughts about a variety of subjects related to contemporary Freemasonry.
Their work reflects the broad spectrum of interests and expertise that they bring to Freemasonry, and, thus, to Rubicon. The thoughts and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of any Grand Lodge or subordinate lodge, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of The Rubicon Masonic Society. The Rubicon Masonic Society accepts as a significant part of its mission the commitment to provide a forum in which Masons may freely express, discuss and defend their respective ideas about Freemasonry. These Transactions represent a continuation of that forum. Neither The Rubicon Masonic Society nor its members presume to define Freemasonry. Rather, they acknowledge, individually and collectively, that Freemasonry defines itself, and that it does so through its ritual.

The papers comprising these Transactions represent an exploration of Freemasonry, and does so from the distinct perspectives of the eighteen men whose work appears here. Some of the papers contained in this volume were originally written for presentation at Lodge meetings or events. Other papers were written specifically for inclusion in these Transactions. Still others were written at the request of the leadership of organized Freemasonry who wanted analyses of certain areas of interest for their consideration. One of the more interesting aspects of this collection of writings is the presentation of eighteen unique voices, each of which carries its own style, its own means of expression and its own point of emphasis.

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