Episode 1: What is Freemasonry? Education by Rubicon Masonic Society

What is Freemasonry?

Presenters within this Episode include:
WB John W. Bizzack, Vice Chairman of Rubicon Masonic Society (KY)
WB Dan M. Kemble, Honorary Member of Rubicon Masonic Society (KY)
WB Brian T. Evans Jr., Chairman of Rubicon Masonic Society (KY)
RWB Tom W. Jackson, Honorary Member of Rubicon Masonic Society (PA)

The outline of all videos to be recorded in this series between 9/14/20 through 12/28/20 are as follows:

Episode 1: What is Freemasonry
Episode 2: The Path to becoming a Freemason
Episode 3: The Entered Apprentice Degree
Episode 4: The Fellow Craft Degree
Episode 5: The Master Mason Degree
Episode 6: The Legend of Hiram Abiff
Episode 7: Living as a Freemason
Episode 8: The Commitments of a Freemason

Please understand that In the period of time allotted within these episodes, it will be impossible for us to conduct anything other than an overview of each topic.

We encourage you to remember and not to assume that all men enrolled in this series are at the same level of Masonic instruction, and some may not be Masons at all. While some participants will undoubtedly desire a more in-depth discussion, others will be encountering some, or all of this information for the first time. Those who desire more information to what is presented within this series may be directed to specific books, papers, and websites that will assist the pursuit of quality academic and Masonic knowledge.

The purpose of this educational series is to deliver a factual and foundational overview of the world’s most ancient and honorable Fraternity, beginning with a man’s initial contacts within the Fraternity, the man’s progression through masonic degrees, and the life path of the man as a Freemason in his daily pursuit for self-improvement by applying the lessons and the tools of the craft in his life.

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about Freemasonry that currently exists in both virtual and non-virtual forums. Only factual information capable of being independently verified and consistent with the accepted academic research standards will be presented in this series. While the information presented during this series will be factual, any opinions expressed during the various presentations will be those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of any Lodge or Grand Lodge or The Rubicon Masonic Society. All material contained in this presentation is suitable for Masons and non-Masons. No private information, including, but not limited to, passwords, signs, grips, or other elements of Masonic ceremonies will be disclosed during any part of this virtual meeting. By participating in this virtual meeting, you consent to the use of your name, likeness, and voice by The Rubicon Masonic Society. This entire presentation is the property of The Rubicon Masonic Society and may not be used without the written permission of The Rubicon Masonic Society.